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Reach your goals by working for yourself first

Do you come home at the end of a long day, with no energy left for yourself?  Can’t seem to reach your goals, because you don’t have time to work on them?

Stop putting other people’s priorities before your own.

Work for Yourself First

It’s Monday morning, and rather than driving to work, I’m writing this post.  It’s not that I don’t have to go to work, I’ll do that later, but I’m working for myself first.

I wish I could remember where I first heard the phrase, “Work for yourself first.”  I would like to give credit to the person who inspired me to try it, because it has been a fantastic change in how I live my life.

Coming home from work at the end of a long day, tired and mentally exhausted, there wasn’t a lot of energy left.  So, the activities that I planned to do in the evenings often got minimal effort, or completely neglected.  The things I actually cared about doing weren’t getting done.

Then I learned this new concept:  Spend your best energy on tasks that benefit you, before spending energy on someone else’s priorities.

For example, I’m working hard to make this website a useful resource, and hope to write an e-book or two.  That takes time, effort, dedication, and energy.  Trying to do all of that at the end of a long work day was tough.  I wasn’t making progress.

Work for yourself first to achieve your goals
Spend your best energy working on your own priorities

Reach Your Goals Faster

To have more time for my priorities, I switched up my days.  Instead of getting up and going into work right away, I work on my own projects for a couple hours in the morning before I go to the office.

It’s amazing how much more I get done in the mornings than I ever did in the evenings.  I’m fresh and eager to work on my projects, instead of feeling worn out by a day of work that benefited someone else.

At first, I didn’t love this new schedule.  My work days feel even longer, and I’m even more worn down at the end of the day.  But I’m making huge progress for myself, and that in itself is energizing.

If you have a big goal that you’re working towards, try out this concept.  Even if you can only squeeze in half an hour in the morning, it could make a difference.

Be sure to set good goals for yourself, and track your progress.  Check out our Five Expert Tips for Setting and Achieving Meaningful Goals.

Stay focused

Of course, it’s easy to get lazy.  Somedays I think I don’t really have to get up when my alarm goes off, because there’s no one holding me accountable for getting my personal tasks done.  I’ll waste time in the morning checking e-mails, responding to social media comments, or reading the news.  Productivity drops off a cliff in a hurry if I’m not careful.

It’s important to still treat your personal projects like a job.  Have a to do list, with due dates.  Make plans.  Show up.

For help getting focused on your priorities, you can also download your free Personal Priorities Planner.  It’s the perfect resource to help you figure out what’s important to you.



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