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How to build a doghouse

Our family dog loves to sit on the porch “guarding” the yard. She takes her duties seriously, and much like the post office, is not hindered by the weather. Rain, sleet, snow….

Dog + Doggie Door + Rainy Day = House that smells like a wet dog

As a gift to our mom, my brother and I decided to build a custom doghouse, so the dog could still sit outside, but also have some cover.  No more wet dog smell, or muddy paw prints on floors.

Here’s how we created a DIY doghouse filled with style and love.

DIY Custom Doghouse

Customizing the Plans

To start, I downloaded basic plans, and purchased the materials. There are lots of free plans for doghouses available online, such as these.

Next, I considered how I wanted to customize the design. For example, since this would be a pass-through from the doggie door to the porch, it needed to have an opening on both ends. One opening was offset from center, to align better with the doggie door.

I also extended the roof on the front end.  This allowed the doghouse to be flush with the doggie door on one side, and offer some extra cover to allow the dog to peek out the other.

Adding Special Style Touches

After cutting and assembling the pieces, we painted the doghouse with leftover house paint, for the perfect match.  We also added some fancy trim pieces, to match the Victorian style of the main house.

Finished DIY Doghouse

The finishing touch was the addition of a weather vane, complete with a black dog.

DIY Custom Doghouse

The finished doghouse looks great, but the dog still sits out in the rain.

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