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Make your own DIY Halloween decoration

Want to decorate for Halloween, without buying too much stuff?  And have a little creative outlet at the same time?  Then this is the project for you!

Get inspired to make your own “Spooky” DIY Halloween decoration.


DIY Halloween decorations supplies

1. Decide what you want on your sign

Write a spooky sign

For my Halloween sign, I decided to write the word “SPOOKY.”  You can get creative with different words, or shapes.  Make more than one, if you want!

On a scrap piece of paper, I practiced writing out the word in pencil a few times.  Try different lettering styles, and decorations.  Since it’s scrap paper, you can make as many different versions as you please.

If you want to steal my style, you can download a scanned copy of my final version here.  (BONUS:  The download also has a fun template for a paper ghost.)

2.  Pick your paper and cut it to fit

DIY Halloween Sign - Paper

Black makes a nice background for a Halloween sign, but you can choose any color, or even pattern, you like.

You can pick up black card stock in most craft stores.  Card stock is a nice choice for the background, because it’s a little heavier and doesn’t wrinkle too much when you paint it.

Since I used an 8″ x 10″ frame, I had to cut down my piece of standard black card stock.

Quick tip to do this:  Just lay the glass from the frame on top of your paper, and trace around it.  Use those lines as a cutting guide.

3.  Put your design on the paper

DIY Halloween Decor

Use your pencil to sketch your design onto the card stock.  This will be your painting guide.

I did mine freehand, after practicing on scraps.  If you prefer a little more structure, you can use the same technique I used to transfer a photo onto canvas in this post.  Color the back of your practice sheet with pencil, lay it on top of the paper you want to paint, and then just trace over your design.

4.  Paint and glitter!

How to paint a Halloween sign

I mixed together a white craft paint, and a pearlizing medium.  This made the paint a little bit sparkly.  (I actually mixed some glitter into the paint, too.  All that did was coat the glitter with paint, so don’t bother doing that.)

Use a small paintbrush and a light touch to apply paint over your pencil marks.  After I finished painting each letter, I sprinkled a little bit of glitter into the wet paint.

WARNING:  Glitter gets everywhere.  If you use it, you will find it all over your house, and possibly your face, for a long time to come.

5.  Assemble the frame

Make a Halloween sign

As per the warning above, glitter went everywhere when I sprinkled it on my letters.  But I liked the way it looked around each letter.  To capture it, I actually laid the picture frame on top of the dried artwork, and pushed it into place from underneath.  Once the glitter side was pressed against the glass, I flipped it over and put the backing in place.

Be sure to clean both sides of the glass before putting your frame together.

Create your own Spooky decor

Now you have a fun piece of Halloween art, all it needs is some other holiday decor to keep it company.  Check out how to create your own Halloween display, without buying anything except the candy.

How to make a Halloween sign

DIY Halloween Decoration
Make your own Halloween decorations
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