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How I Reuse: Favorite Thrifty Projects

#HowIReuse:  Favorite Thrifty Projects

Value Village and JoAnn Fabric and Crafts teamed up for a fun contest this month.  They’re asking people to submit their best DIY creations featuring reused or repurposed items.

I happen to LOVE thrift store shopping.  Many of the items in my house are thrifted, including furniture, kitchen utensils, storage trays and bins, lighting, and even tools.  Also, most of my wardrobe is made up of fabulous thrift store finds.

So, I thought I’d share a few of my own Reuse projects here.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Before pictures, so you can’t see the whole transformation.  But the final products are fun to look at on their own.  You can also find them on Instagram.

 1.  Chair and Side Table

#HowIReuse - Chair and Side Table

A good portion of the furniture in my house is thrifted.  You can find some thrift store furniture treasures, if you look for pieces with “good bones.”

This chair was $10, and I found a thrifted slip-cover to go with it.  Now it’s the most popular seat in the living room.  I also made the throw pillow cover, and change it out for new looks throughout the year.

The side table / cabinet next to the chair was also a thrift store find.  A little sanding and some mineral oil, and it became the perfect place for holding books and DVDs.

2.  Entry Table and Mirror

#HowIReuse - Thrifted entry table

I really wish I had a Before picture of this one.  This console table was once a faux wood, mid-centry storage cabinet with sliding doors.  I picked it up for just $3.  A coat of satin black paint completely transformed it into a modern looking piece.

The found mirror above it used to have a gaudy gold frame.  Painted black to match the console, they’re now an elegant pair in my entry way.

3.  Wooden Storage Box

#HowIReuse - Wooden Storage Box

This old box moved around the country for years.  It was used to hold heavy items like books during moves from state to state.  It was begging for a makeover.

The transformation was as simple as covering the box with burlap fabric.  The edge of the lid is trimmed with leather, and the ugly hardware was removed.

4.  Army Trunk

Someone gave my dad this old Army trunk.  It was painted army green, and pretty battered, but I could see the hidden potential, and I asked if I could have it.

Crackle paint created an antiqued look that matched the underlying condition of the wood.  I then used a stencil to paint the flowers.

For the inside, I cut cardboard pieces to size.  Batting was glued to the cardboard, and then fabric was wrapped over top.  The pieces were secured in place with hot glue.  Lace trim finished the top edge.

This was the very first furniture makeover project I did, and I loved it so much, I never stopped doing them.

Do you have any projects to share?  Enter the contest, or share them on our Facebook page. We’d love to see what you’re up to.

Happy thrifting!

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2 comments on “#HowIReuse: Favorite Thrifty Projects”

  1. Hi Jenny:
    Thank you for sharing your story about the Army trunk in the email. I always like to know a little story to feel it’s the root coming to deep inside where they found themselves. This was an extra bonus for me to have registered in your email list. I liked it so much and thank you !

    • Thanks for the insight, Bob. I’ll remember to do that more often. So glad you liked it, and I truly appreciate your support!

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