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Creative ways to organize your jewelry

5 Clever Ways to Organize Your Jewelry so You Can Find and Wear the Pieces You Love

Check out these super simple and super budget-friendly tips to organize your jewelry.  Now you can actually find the pieces you want to wear, and enjoy them even when you’re not wearing them.

1.  Earrings

Storing dangly earrings

Earrings with hooked backs can be tricky to store, and tend to just end up in a pile.  But check out this dollar store find.  This wire mesh used to be a business card holder.  By opening it up a little bit, it becomes the perfect way to store dangly earrings.  It even stands up on its own.

Organize earrings
Cards with holes are perfect for keeping studs

For studs, cards with small holes punched in them are a great solution.

2.  Bracelets

How to store bracelets

This little stand is actually intended to hold photos.  It’s also perfect for bracelets.  Plus, it makes a pretty display.

3.  Necklaces

Necklace storage

A tray with compartments is a handy and compact way to store necklaces.  If you have more necklaces than there are compartments, you can group them together.  You can also get more than one tray, and stack them for compact storage.

4.  Rings

Store rings so they're easy to wear

Ring stands.  Not terribly clever, but effective.

5.  Where to store it all?

Storing jewelry in a drawer

Trays fit nicely in drawers.  They’re usually pretty shallow, so you could stack multiples to save space.

Jewelry storage

A cubby in the closet becomes a pretty vignette when you keep all of your pieces together.  This would also work well on the top of a dresser.

Check out our article on How to Organize Your Fashion Accessories for more fun tips like this.

Have fun organizing your jewelry, so you can actually find the pieces you want to wear, and enjoy them even when you’re not wearing them.

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