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Picture frame memo board

In my office at work, there has been this empty spot for years, begging to be filled.  I never knew what to put there.

One day, I was inspired to write a “Thought of the Week.”  Then I suddenly knew that a message board was just the thing to fill the hole.

Create a Picture Frame Memo Board

Here’s how I used an old picture frame to create a fun custom message board.  Follow these steps to make your own.

 1.  Rescue an Old Frame with Paint

If you don’t have old picture frames lying around the house, you can find tons of them in thrift stores.  It doesn’t have to be pretty, but find a sturdy one.  Choose a size appropriate for the space where you want to use it.

Give the frame new life, and new color, with spray paint.  I chose blue for mine, to match the other colors in my office.

2.  Choose a Background Material

When choosing a background material for your frame, don’t be afraid to think beyond basic white.  If you want white, you could just buy a whiteboard.  The background is the perfect place to show off your personal style.

Options I considered were burlap, canvas, wrapping paper, and an old nautical chart.  Before deciding, I wrote on the glass from the frame and laid it over the backgrounds to test the readability.

If you don’t have scrap pieces lying around, check out some of the fun fabric options at

There was an unexpected bonus of using the chart as my background.  The latitude and longitude grid lines help to keep my writing straight.

3.  Cut the Background to Fit

Picture frame message board
Trace the glass from the frame to know where to cut your background.

Lay the glass from the frame over your chosen background.  Trace around the edge, and use the mark as a cutting guide.

If your chosen background has a pattern on it, like the chart I used, you can move the glass around to find the section that looks best.

4.  Assemble the Frame

When the paint is dry and the background is cut, clean the glass before assembling your memo board.  Now it’s ready to hang!

5.  Share Your Thoughts

Picture Frame Message Board
Use a dry erase marker to write messages.

Use a dry erase marker to write anything you want on your personalized memo board.  It will wipe right off, and you can use it over and over.

A message board is a great place for writing reminders, or schedules.  It can also be a way to communicate with your busy family.

I use mine to share a “Thought of the Week.”  It’s mostly to inspire myself, but if it has meaning to any of my co-workers, then that’s a bonus.  I also share them on Instagram, if you want a weekly dose of inspiration.

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