Welcome to the Home Deconomics Resources section.  This is a curated list of products and resources that I use myself.  I only recommend them because I believe they are useful, and hope that you will also find them helpful.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase a product, I will receive a small commission for the sale at no additional cost to you.

My Favorite Products for Making Life Easier


This whole product line offers an inexpensive way to update your cabinets, and make your space more usable.  I have these in my kitchen, and my bathrooms, plus I installed them at my mom’s house.  They make a huge difference in how you’re able to use your existing space.



This product revolutionized the way I pack for travel.  I hang it in my closet and pack in the things I want to take on the trip, and then drop the whole thing into my suitcase.  When I get where I’m going, I lift it out and hang it up again for easy access to everything.  No more digging through my luggage to find what I need.



This stuff is magical.  It took a few applications, but it made my 30-year old kitchen and bathroom cabinets look great.  It covered over worn areas in the finish, and added color to faded spots.  It worked better than I expected, and looks great.


Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle

If you want to learn organizing strategies that will work for you, check out the variety of resources available in this bundle. Say goodbye to chaos and disorganization.


My Favorite Books on Money and Life Topics

The Difference

I’ve mentioned this book in several posts.  Author Jean Chatzky offers some great insight about attitude changes and habits that can be practiced in order to thrive and prosper, even in tough times.


Stand Out

When I first read this book by Dorie Clark, I was looking for some ideas about how to make a business successful.  But there was so much more information than I expected, about how to stand out in life in general, and be noticed in your career.  Great read.



For anyone facing a change, or turning point in life, this book by Jenny Blake is a great guide.  It provides a method to build on your existing knowledge and experience to take the next step, rather than starting from scratch.


Smart Women Finish Rich

This book by David Bach is a great primer for gaining confidence with money management.  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s just a good guide on how to get your finances under control.  I’ve read multiple books of this type, and I found this one to be well written, easy to understand.  He also has a version for couples.


The Investment Answer

This book was recommended to me by my accountant, who is also a financial advisor.  It is a short, easy read covering the basics of investing.  Perfect for beginners.


My Favorite Blogging Resources

Bluehost Web Hosting

I’ve run several websites, and have always used Bluehost for my web service provider.


Styled Stock Photos

Styled Stock Society

Every blogger needs a good supply of high quality images.  I love Styled Stock Society for the beautiful and feminine options.  If you sign up for their e-mail list, you can get 10 free images each month.




If you’re looking to build your e-mail list, Drip is a great way to go. It’s a great tool for e-mail and marketing. Plus, there is a free plan.



This free plug-in for WordPress made my social sharing so much easier.


Tailwind app

Tailwind App

A lifesaver when it comes to scheduling pins to Pinterest, Tailwind gives you a free trial, plus access to training and tools.




Trying to stay on top of social media nearly made me quit blogging, until I found RecurPost.  It is an easy to use scheduling tool to post your best content to social media channels.  They even have a free option.